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Catch up with Diljit Dosanjh about Arjun Patiala and his love for hummus

Catch up with Diljit Dosanjh about Arjun Patiala and his love for hummus

Monday 22nd July 2019

Diljit Dosanjh is no doubt the most iconic Punjabi star who has excelled in his career in recent years. Dosanjh started his career as a Punjabi singer, and later became an actor in the Punjabi film industry. The social media celebrity made his Bollywood debut in 2016 with Udta Punjab for which he earned the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut.

Diljit's latest bollywood film is set to release on 26 July 2019 worldwide. The trailer features Diljit Dosanjh as the main man Arjun, the wonderful Kriti Sanon plays the fiery news reporter Ritu Randhawa and funny man Varun Sharma plays Onida Singh. The trailer gives audiences a glimpse at the craziness and fun that is to come on the sliver screen.

The trailer has been getting a lot of love from fans all over the world who have praised the Arjun Patiala team for their top-notch acting and hilarious dialogues. Fans have been left on their edge of their seat, eagerly awaiting the film's release on 26 July.

We managed to briefly speak to the awesome Punjabi star to discuss his upcoming film.

1). Tell me about Arjun Patiala?

Arjun Patiala is a comedy film. I personally haven't done an out and out comedy before in Bollywood and this is a first for me, all my previous Bollywood films were serious.

2). How is it different to other films?

This film is purely just for laugh, no message behind it.

3). Guru Randhawa has lent you his voice for Mein Deewana Tera, how do you feel about not being able to sing yourself?

Diljit laughs
I am the main Hero in this film so that is why. (Implying he has no issue).

4). How has entering Bollywood been for you?

The only difference is the language, the Bollywood movies are in Hindi which is spoken in all over India. I give my best to whatever I do whether it is Bollywood or Punjabi.

5). Your biggest inspiration musically?

In Punjab, it has to be Gurdas Mann.

6). So where does Diljit Dosanjh see himself in ten years?

I go with the flow and there is no planning involved. Koi kaali nai, bara sakoon hai.

7). Where did you shoot Arjun Patiala and how was the experience?

Arjun Patiala was mostly shot in Chandigarh areas and the team was great. It has been fun shooting the film.

8). What is your message to your UK fans?

This year I have just completed Canada tour (Roar Tour) which has been amazing and have USA tour scheduled in September but I am coming to the UK next year so watch out for that.

9). Diljit Dosanjh's favourite food?

These days it is Lebanese food because I really like the hummus with the roti.

10) Kylie da naal ki chakkar hai?

Diljit laughs Edha koi chakkar nai!

11). We have a lot of viewers who are from Pakistan. Do you intend to visit the country?

Yes! I would love to visit Lahore. I also want to visit the religious sites including Nankana Sahab one day. Let's see what happens, if political situation improves.

Please note that the interview was conducted via telephone in Punjabi so some responses may not be exactly the same word by word.