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Pakistani Model Anam Tanoli Takes Her Life A Day After Slamming Online Bullies

Pakistani Model Anam Tanoli Takes Her Life A Day After Slamming Online Bullies

Thursday 27th September 2018

A 26 year old Pakistani fashion designer and model took her own life shortly after speaking out against bullies and online trolls, daily mail reports.

Anam Tanoli was found dead in her home in Lahore earlier this month, with her passing said to have been caused by suicide.

Ms Tanoli's family told local media that the 26-year-old had suffered with depression and 'severe mental stress' before her death.
She had been scheduled to see a therapist on the day she was found dead, reportedly from hanging, in her flat.

In the wake of her death at the start of September, a video Ms Tanoli recorded to hit back at bullies has gone viral.

The clip sees her speak directly to the camera while wearing a top with 'back off bullies' written across it.

'Bullying is bad. Don't do it, okay? It's just a coward's way out, and it's a pathetic way out, quite frankly.'

In the video, Ms Tanoli tells her followers that bullies and trolls are 'just trying to take their misery out on you'.

'Don't let it affect you, don't let it bring you down. They're not worth it, they're not worth your misery.'

Ms Tanoli has been described as an 'up and coming model' on Pakistani news websites, and had returned from Italy a few weeks before her suicide.

Friends and fans took to social media to mourn the young model and designer, with one person asking 'when will we take depression seriously,' GeoTV reports.

Others wrote that it had been painful to realise that she had suffered from mental illness and hidden it behind her 'perfect' life on social media.

A postmortem examination noted that she had suffered from depression, and noted that she had died from asphyxiation with no marks of torture on her body, Pakistan Today reports.