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Another hate crime: Sikh man brutally attacked

Another hate crime: Sikh man brutally attacked

Monday 21st January 2019

Trump's America! A Sikh man has been brutally attacked in an alleged hate crime by a white man who 'pulled his beard, kicked and punched' him in the face at a store in Oregon, US.

Convenience store worker Harwinder Singh Dodd, was racially targeted on Monday by a 24-year-old Andrew Ramsey. It is reported that Ramsey attacked Dodd because of his perception of his religion, FOX 12 TV news reported, citing a court document.

Ramsey wanted rolling papers for cigarettes, but did not have an ID and the clerk would not sell them to him, Justin Brecht, a legislative policy adviser in the Oregon State Capitol and a former combat Marine, was quoted as saying by the report. When Dodd asked Ramsey to leave, he attacked him by pulling his beard, punching him in the face, pulling him to the ground and kicking him, Brecht said, adding that they held Ramsey down until officers got there, the report said.