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Sadiq Khan calls on British Government to make it easier for young Indians to work and study in London

Sadiq Khan calls on British Government to make it easier for young Indians to work and study in London

Monday 4th December 2017

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will today tell senior Indian business leaders that he wants the UK and India to forge a new special relationship that is not only based on trade and investment - but also encourages talented Indian people to study and work in London.

Delivering a keynote speech in Mumbai, Sadiq is expected to say that the best way to achieve that would be for the UK Government to commit to a more flexible visa system. This would benefit not only the UK's relationship with India, but with other growing economies around the world. He will voice his frustration that, while there has been a drive to increase UK trade with India, business is hampered by our visa system. Many Indians, particularly young students, are finding it harder than ever to gain visas to work and study in the UK.

To address that, Sadiq will call on the UK Government to introduce a new post-study work route for international students. In particular, he will criticise the Government for closing down the previous Tier 1 post-study work route. The number of Indian students coming to London has fallen by over 40 per cent since 2010, partly as a result of this, and now stands at 4,705 (2015/16). Sadiq also wants Government to change the rules to make it easier for Indian entrepreneurs and skilled workers to gain visas, and to set up a new India-UK International Work Experience Programme to encourage young people from both countries to spend time and learn about India and the UK. The Mayor is currently visiting India to promote London as a business and tourism destination and to strengthen the bonds between India and the capital. Speaking at We Work in Mumbai, he is also expected to highlight his strong emotional bond to India and explain how it has helped to shape the person he has become.

On his strong emotional bond to India, Sadiq said:"Of course - I'm here in my capacity as the Mayor of London. But I can't deny that coming to this incredible, historic country also feels special to me on a personal level. This is where both my grandparents and my parents were born and raised. "And it's where many of the people who inspired me the most throughout my life came from, and put their talents and philosophies into action. From the father of your nation, Mahatma Gandhi - whose messages of peace and love will always endure. "To Srinivasa Ramanujan -the amazing mathematician, and Savitribai Phule - a true inspiration for many of us still fighting for gender equality."