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BBC sacks Asian Network DJ Tommy Sandhu over ‘anti Pakistani and lewd comments’‬

BBC sacks Asian Network DJ Tommy Sandhu over 'anti Pakistani and lewd comments'‬

Saturday 9th September 2017

Tommy Sandhu was one of the four colleagues in a WhatsApp group where allegedly homophobic, racist and sexist comments were made. BBC opened the investigation over a month ago and it has now been reported that Tommy Sandhu has been sacked by the BBC.

Mr Sandhu, 40, told the Daily Mail: 'At this stage I am taking legal advice, but I want to underline that at no point did I engage, comment or reply to any racist comment on any WhatsApp group.' It has also been reported that the BBC are braced for an 'unfair and embarrassing dismissal' case.

It was previously reported that in the WhatsApp group chat, derogatory terms like 'gandhu' and 'batty boy' were used and a fellow BBC Asian Network host was accused of being gay, despite being married with kids.

One of the men suggested that they refuse to play any Pakistani origin music on their breakfast show where they all worked together.

One of the men in the messaging group allegedly made lewd remarks about Radio 1 and 1Xtra producer Amy Elizabeth Childs.

Another message in the same group chat referred to BBC entertainment reporter Haroon Rashid as a 'Paki'. When one of the four men did some work on the Pakistani origin DJ Noreen Khan's show, he was asked 'have them Pakis converted you?', sources told the Daily Mail.

It is anticipated that Tommy Sandhu will take the matter to court.