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The Sikh Women's Action Network Launch A New Spoken Word Project 'Breaking The walls Of Silence'

Thursday 30th March 2017

A new spoken word project, 'Breaking the walls of Silence', has been launched by the Sikh Women's Action Network (SWAN) to mark International Women's Day in March 2017. The spoken word style film has brought together the stories of victims of domestic violence and abuse to provide them with a voice while also urging other victims to seek help.

The Sikh Women's Action Network which was launched in June 2016 committed themselves to making a positive difference to the lives of women and girls in the community. The organisation which was set up by four women who are known activists in the community, has a mission to inspire, develop and empower women to
live confident and fulfilled lives, leading to becoming active citizens.

'Breaking the walls of Silence', is a hugely impactful piece of work aiming to further
reach out to other victims to give them hope and the message that they are not
alone or responsible for the violence and abuse they experience at the hands of the
partner they put their love and trust into.

Co-founder and Chair of SWAN Sahdaish Pall said, "In some countries around the world, up to 70% of women and girls experience physical and sexual violence. Women have kept quite, and therefore it's so important for us to work together in
preventing and ending violence against women and girls. Domestic violence is
hugely traumatic for victims and their families and 'Breaking the walls of Silence' is a necessary reminder of the support that SWAN can provide for those that need it.