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Out Now: Foji Gill’s new song Sher Di Poosh

Out Now: Foji Gill's new song Sher Di Poosh

Bhangra singer Foji Gill releases two versions of his new song 'Sher Di Poosh' after coming out of prison. 'Sher Di Poosh' means a Lion's tail. The bhangra version of Sher Di Poosh was produced by Dav Juss while K Singh and Foji both worked on the music for the Trap version.

Foji has been out of prison since 2017 but the Birmingham based Punjabi singer announced return to the bhangra music scene on 13 January 2019 under a new record label, Revere Records.

In March 2015, Foji Gill was sentenced to 5 years in prison for involvement in money laundering along with various members of his family.

The Punjabi singer has always produced some amazing tracks and one of the best music videos including the first ever Bhangra flash mob for his song 'Pumbeeri.'

Based on the social media reaction, bhangra version seems to be the most popular. Which one do you like?

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