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Diljit Dosanjh's 5 most streamed songs on Spotify

Diljit Dosanjh's 5 most streamed songs on Spotify

Diljit Dosanjh, the Punjab singer and actor has now doubt gained a huge popularity worldwide with over 3 million Twitter followers and 6 million fans on Instagram. Do you ever wonder what are Diljit Dosanjh's most popular songs or most streamed songs on Spotify? We got you!

The list of most popular songs by Diljit on Spoitfy does not necessarily suggest these are the most popular songs of all time and the figures fluctuate frequently but correct at time of publishing this.

1). Proper Patola

Although this song is nowhere near in the top 5 on YouTube, it is the most streamed on Spotify. The song alos features rapper Badshah.

2). Jind Mahi

Released in November 2018, Jind Mahi was a great collaboration between UK based music producer Manni Sandhu and Dilit Dosanjh.

3). Do You Know

Video set in Beverly Hills of Los Angeles, this was also a really popular release.

4). Gulabi Pagg

Gulabi pagg was the headline song of Diljit's latest album 'Roar' with over 30 million views on YouTube so it is of no surprise that this would be a popular one on Spotify!

5). Thug Life

The song was also formed part of Dosanjh's new album 'Roar' in 2018 and the video was released due to high demand from fans.

It must be noted that not all songs and albums by Diljit are on Spotify and this list is primarily based on what is available on the music streaming outlet. The album which we believe elevated Diljit Dosanjh most would be 'back to basics' with music by Tru Skool but that is not listed on Spotify and some songs from back to basics would not doubt be on this list.