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Mani Kaur and Ravi Bal Team Up For New Song Called Licence

Mani Kaur and Ravi Bal Team Up For New Song Called Licence

British artist's Mani Kaur & world renowned music producer Ravi Bal team up for the first time ever for a brand new song. Both have known each other for over 12 years but until now have not officially worked together on a full song.

Ravi has previously worked on songs with many high profile female singers such as Alisha Chinai, Amar Noorie, Sunidhi Chauhan to name a few but this is officially the 1st collaboration with a UK based Punjabi female singing solo artist. They met initially when he was working with Mani Kaur's family on several musical projects and singles as they also have a dance group called Desi Divas who are also from Birmingham, UK.

Mani's first time in a studio & on a microphone was actually back in 2008 where she dropped a few adlibs on Ravi's album Captain Bhangre Da 2 on a track called Mittra Di Pagh Wargi, a sequel Album to the Massive Captain Bhangre Da Album. After almost ten years they are back in the studio but this time with a collaboration on three brand new singles.

The music industry is still a "boys' club" where women are not given enough opportunities to develop. Men hold more than two-thirds of jobs in the music industry and occupy the vast majority of positions of power, it's not easy for a Asian Punjabi female to break into the game even in the UK in this day and age. We have to work twice if not three times harder to even get noticed explains Mani Kaur. Mani hopes and is highly motivated to achieve her goals over the next few months by releasing three brand new singles what have been created by her and Ravi. License is the first of the three and it released worldwide on the 29 November 2018 on RBP Global record label.

So what's it all about? License is a Urban Desi in your face hard hitting sound & beat fused with edgy glitch synths and heavy bottom end put together by Ravi Bal & laced with the catchy Punjabi vocals of Mani Kaur. Mani delivers a great vocal performance and shows off some great acting skills in the video on this her 3rd official release as a professional Singer. Her previous songs were "Jorri" a cover version of a classic Punjabi song by Didar Sandhu & Snehlata and "Dil Jaani" an up tempo traditional Bhangra number what was released in 2016.

This single "License" has been penned by Canadian songwriter Bhanoki Jujhar. It tells a story about a usually male dominated truck driving industry where it's extremely rare that you would even see or find a Punjabi female truck driver, She has always wanted to be a passenger and travel with her partner in his truck while he drives and see the world but she has decided to take it one step further by actually obtaining a truck License of her own and now tells him that he can ride with her as a passenger instead, Now he can ride with her, enjoy seeing the world next to her and by her side! She sings about the good times they will have and journeys they will take! She takes Control! She becomes the Boss! She's in the Driving Seat!

The music video for this track was shot in Birmingham UK by Bat Films and is due to premiere on the 2 December 2018 Worldwide. Oh and yes she does! She actually drives the truck in the video! Stay Tuned!

Fasten your seat Belts! Mani Kaur's got The License & it's time to hit the road! The Musical journey continues!