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Out Now: “The Trigger” by Sukh Saab & Ravi Bal

Out Now: "The Trigger" by Sukh Saab & Ravi Bal

RBP Global release debut single "THE TRIGGER" by Sukh Saab alongside world renowned UK born and bred music producer & composer Ravi Bal.

Who is Sukh?
Sukh Saab, also known as Sukhbir Singh was born and raised in Indian Punjab and moved to UK several years ago. The vocalist is now based in Coventry in the UK and is described as "a hard working and family man, he has always had a passion for music and the arts."

How did this project begin?
A few months ago a meeting / introduction took place between Sukh Saab and Ravi Bal and from that day onward his Musical journey as a professional singer singer commenced.

"The first time I heard the lyrics to this song I knew straight away that it is something I would want to record no doubt about it... Sukh is a very humble guy, hard Working and I respect those basic values immensely" says Ravi Bal.

The title "The Trigger" many will assume the song is "Gangster" "Gun" or "Violence" related but it's quite the opposite and also the video for the track. Sukh Saab & team Ravi Bal have taken a different path, a more realistic and thought provoking one. This is a song about the effects & consequences. We are watching what is happening around us, the problem is bigger and even more mighty in Punjab right now - the original home of our parents & grandparents!

Sukh Saab & Ravi Bal's project discusses the consequences of pulling a Trigger. "Once that Trigger aka (Ghoda in Punjabi) is pulled the bullet will never question if you wish to leave the person it has been fired at dead or alive.. it's too late..... why ruin or end a life... at such a young age why do you want to be arrested and do such things."

There is no need for love of Guns or praise of them.... no need for theft & violence to facilitate drug use. It also discusses the young taking a fast & wrong path in pursuance of riches and money. The track has a great social awareness message laced & fused with signature Ravi Bal Productions Punjabi Bhangra beats and instrumentation.

It's bhangra, but not as you always may know it.