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Types of Brown Twitter Users

Friday 17th August 2018

A lot of us joined this micro-blogging site around 2010-11, while some joined more recently and as each day passes by more people are signing up to Twitter. Twitter is a great app which allows us to express our views to the world, share ideas, stay up to date with the latest news and developments.

As the popularity grows, I thought it would be a good idea to list composition of the millions of brown Twitter users.

Which type are you?

1). Ayesha

Ayesha is in her second year of university studying Psychology. Ayesha hardly tweets anything meaningful herself and is a serial retweeter, her Twitter is full of Mufti Menk tweets.

2). Asim

Asim joined Twitter in 2015 after giving up on finding his life partner on Muz Match. He mostly only follows the opposite sex and tweets about football. Asim is still single.

3). Mandeep

Mandeep graduated with a degree in Law but now works in insurance in Birmingham. According to his bio, he is a member of a bhangra group. Mandeep hardly tweets anything other than LFC and Jatt pride.

4). Kiran

Kiran is a Medical student and never engages in anything negative on social media. She visits the temple regularly. She tweets all things positive and cute.

5). Sara

According to Sara's Twitter bio, she is an award winning charity worker in her early 30's. Sara is at every community event and awards ceremony you can think of and on the way home tweets how brilliant her day was at each event. She is all things positive, but we can all deduce she is not genuinely passionate about her work.

6). Ajay

Ajay is the Guru. Over the years, he has amassed a lot of followers and now offers relationship advice to everyone. Ajay is single himself.

7). Zack

Zack is a Forex Trader wearing a three piece suit in his Twitter Avatar. Zack's twitter is full of graph pics and Millionaire Mindset tweets. Everyone finds him annoying.

8). Aaron

Aaron never reveals his face pictures, full name or where he is from. Aaron's bio says "#ipledgeorange' and is at the centre of every twitter beef.

9). Hassan

Hassan has Palestine flag in his bio and his sole purpose of using Twitter is to share Palestine related news. Since last year, Hassan has also become a big fan of Pakistani PM Imran Khan.

10). Sidra

Sidra has numerous memberships and affiliations. She is an active member of the Adam Saleh army and has recently become a Zack Knight fan. Sidra prefers a small Nikkah as opposed to a big brown wedding.

11). Salah

Salah is a woke Muslim who studied at SOAS. Often his tweets go viral and is an intelligent tweeter.