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All You Need To Know About Biryani Including Its Origin

All You Need To Know About Biryani Including Its Origin

Saturday 11th March 2017

What is Biryani?
Biryani! One of the most popular dishes of the Indian and Pakistani cuisines and for the lovers of Asian cuisine most delicious one as well. For the people who aren't aware of what Biryani is, it is a dish full of spices, made of rice with eith either chicken or lamb usually.

Do you know the origins of Biryani?
Being a lover of Biryani, whether it is lamb or chicken Biryani, you might feel interested in knowing where it actually originated from.
The exact origin of Biryani is actually unclear; however, various historians have provided different versions of the origin of the dish. Amongst the most famous and most reliable story of the origin calls Biryani, a predecessor of the Pulao (another dish with rice and meat). It is said that many years ago, Central Asian people started putting different meats in the rice to make it taste more delicious, which after experiments resulted in Pulao (the current dish). Later, some people tried to experiment with the dish and created a yellow coloured rice dish with meat in it, known as Biryani. Another story to the origin narrates it to be South Indian dish. In this fable, it is assumed that the army being unable to prepare proper meals used mixing of meat and rice. Thus, it has been originated as an army dish. Although the exact story of the creation and the origin is still unknown but the speculations reveal that this is more likely to be a dish of Central or South Asian region and was probably brought to the region by the Mughals frpm Persia. If the story of South Asian origin is genuine then the Biryani was originated in the Indo-Pak region, a dish of Indian cuisine and if Central Asian origin is more favoured, then the speculation is the frequent movement of people, war in the region, and trade could be some of the causes of introduction of Biryani in the Indian cuisine, which later became the part of the Pakistani cuisine as well.

What are the different types of Biryani?
Irrespective of its origin, Biryani has been made a part of both Pakistani cuisine and Indian Cuisine. Based on the local practices and ingredients, various versions or types of Biryani have become famous. Each of them has been named after the area in which it was originated. From the Indian cuisine, Delhi Biryani, Malabar Biryani, Kolkata Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Navayathi Biryani are the most famous ones whereas, from in Pakistan, Sindhi Biryani, Bohri Biryani, Memoni Biryani are the popular ones. Apart from the sub-continental cuisine, Afghani Biryani is also a part of a family of Biryani in the region.

Biryani being a specialty of the sub-continent region is a part of every special meal of the local people and is usually cooked with the chicken, lamb or beef. Some people also prefer it with prawns. With any of the meats, the dish really is a treat for the taste buds and is a must-try for everyone.

Image credit: BBC