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Review: BBC Asian Network Live 2019

Review: BBC Asian Network Live 2019

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The BBC Asian Network hosted its flagship music event, Asian Network Live, on Saturday 2 March at Arena Birmingham. The event included performances by Jaz Dhami, F1stman, B Young, Gurj Sidhu with Manni Sandhu, Mickey Singh, G. Sidhu and Jasmine Sandlas. The event was sold out with over 15,000 British Asians from across the country.

The line had a good representation from each community including Bengali artists Mumzy Stranger and Nish. Pakistani pop singer Asim Azhar also entertained the audience on the night and this was an improvement as previously the Network was criticised for not providing platform to Pakistan based artists.

How were the performances?

Overall, there were some really great performances from the artists and there was also a great mix of genres and styles but based on the crowd reaction, Jasmine Sandlas was the most loved on the night.

Jasmine Sandlas - Bagavat (Asian Network Live 2019)

At the end of the 28 year old's performance, there was constant clapping and cheering which lasted over a minute. It was an astounding moment.

As expected, Jaz Dhami's performance was also one of the greatest.

However, I personally found G. Sidhu's performance to his song Candle Light the most entertaining which got the crowd dancing. Sidhu is the man behind the smash hit singles Candle Light, Sat Sri Akal and Credit Card and also won Best Breakthrough Act at the BritAsia TV Music Awards last year.

What could have been improved?

There was a huge imbalance between the number of female and male acts on the night. Jasmine Sandlas was the only female music artist to perform. There are many other credible female artists in the South Asian music industry who could have rocked the night.