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Chutney & Chat - A Fresh Approach To Networking

Business today juggle with more responsibilities than ever and for many of them networking becomes an afterthought. Your Network is your net worth, business owners who neglect to build their networks could possibly risk remaining stuck and not moving forward.

Abid Khan Business Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of leading networking organisation Chutney & Chat says 'Networking plays a major part in the growth of any business'.

With his passion for connecting people and supporting businesses Abid realised there was a niche in the market for business networking with a fresh and different approach, as there are many other organisations out there that do not have a clear understanding of how difficult it is to survive in today's competitive environment, and felt that there needed to be a change. Hence Chutney & Chat was founded in December 2016 and set up in Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, and Bromsgrove, a FREE non-Fee paying organisation where members mingle and network with like-minded individuals. Chutney & Chat focus on bringing together business leaders from all cultural backgrounds, and act's as a platform for discussion, networking and peer-to-peer support business.

Abid goes on to comment '' At Chutney & Chat we believe It is the networking relationships that you have that allows you to augment what you know and actually translate it into practice to build good relationships with the people in your business path such as new clients , your existing customers, suppliers, team members and so on''

As a leading networking organisation and its on-going success Chutney & Chat has a clear vision of expansion of the business model across other cities around the UK. ''The benefits of being part of Chutney & Chat networking are massive, and in a declining economy it's a great way for businesses to grow'' Abid stated.