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Amaretto's Book And Social Media Campaign Are A Must Check Out

Amaretto's Book And Social Media Campaign Are A Must Check Out

Amaretto (Amrit Matharu), a producer for the BBC, has released a great book through Lambert Academic Publishing of an academic paper called "Desi & Desire" - the exploration of the British-Asian female in a collection of fictional tales by author Nisha Minhas.

Desi & Desire looks at the stereotypes and judgements faced by the second generation Asian women living in a British society.

Here is the lnk to her latest book which is available on Amazon

Amaretto, is also doing a photo shoot to reflect the chapters of the book titles:

  • "Chapatti or Chips"
  • "Saris and Sins"
  • "Bindis and Brides"
  • "The Marriage Market"
  • "Tall, Dark and Handsome"

Amaretto admires the likes of Babbu The Painter, Raja Kumari and HateCopy who are championing female creativity in the South Asian community out in The States and Canada and is working with creative people here in the UK to collaborate in the same way to create interesting art and reflect our heritage and cultures.

"I have a series of photos that I will be sharing to create a social media campaign about it using the hashtag #DesiAndDesire" says Amaretto.
You can watch the teaser of her first campaign "Bindis & Brides" and "Chapatti or Chips" below on her YouTube.