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Here Are UK's 5 Best Bhangra Dance Groups

Here Are UK's 5 Best Bhangra Dance Groups

Bhangra originated in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India. People used to celebrate good harvest by dancing and singing to the sound of the dhol drum. Till present day, Bhangra is danced at parties, weddings, parties and various other celebrations around the globe including the UK.

We all know UK has been quite popular with Bhangra and there are various Bhnagra dance groups throughout the UK who can often be seen dancing in Bhangra music videos and performing at various functions including weddings. Most groups also offer dance classes to the community which is a great way to learn a form of art and staying fit! The dance classes usually run in the evenings in main cities such as London and Birmingham and many people attend to practice Bhangra by dancing to famous Bhangra dance songs.

If you are wondering where are the nearest Bhangra dance classes or which groups to hire for an event, the list below may help you.

Nachda Sansaar

Established in 1984, Nachda Sansaar are a Birmingham based Bhangra dance group who came together when the founder members were still at school. All the founder members of Nachda Sansaar were born and bred in the UK and therefore a western style of influence featured highly in our original freestyle routines. This style of dance was something never seen before in the UK or abroad and put Nachda Sansaar at the forefront of our art.

Lions of Punjab

The Lions of Punjab are a Midlands based Bhangra dance group with over 85 years of Bhangra dancing experience collectively. Lions say "experience and energy is what makes us unique and has put us at the forefront of what we do".

Ankhile Putt Punjab De

Ankhile was started through a dream to create one of the best Bhangra dance groups the UK has ever seen. They wanted to create a dream team of some of the UK's finest Bhangra dancers. That was how Ankhile was born. Ankhile wants to change the whole UK Bhangra scene and portray the true elements of traditional Bhangra.

Gabru Punjab De

Gabhru Panjab De Bhangra dancers AKA GPD are known for pushing the boundaries of dance both artistically and conceptually through constant contribution to the evolving entertainment industry.

GPD have have wowed huge audiences at festivals and events all around the world including France, Turkey, Jordan, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Bulgaria and UAE to name but a few.

Four By Four (4X4)

Four by Four Bhangra Group was established in 1994 with the aim of promoting Bhangra the folk dance from the Punjab in Northern India and to work with young people through the arts around the county of Kent. Since its inception the group has gone from strength to strength performing at community events and festivals around the UK and Europe, and working with thousands of young people either through workshops or through regular sessions through the successful Four by Four Youth Club.

Image credit: Ankhile Bhangra Dance Group